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Presidents Day 2023

Hello everyone, Happy Presidents Day. Down below is a poem I wrote for the presidents.

Today is an important day

It’s the day

One of our founding fathers was born

From then on, all of them sworn

To protect and improve our country

From building significant buildings to growing corn

And it’s time everybody should know

Without these monuments, our country would be torn

These monuments opened the golden door

From the kings to the knights, to the poor

They let everyone in the world

See what was beyond our shores

From all the war to the mystical lore

These people tell us the stories

Stories beyond the past, future, and before

These monuments saved us from wars

And got us back up on all fours

They make negotiate with other leaders like them

To make our country soar

Thank you, Presidents,

For all of your service

We will always remember you

For putting us, in front of your self-service

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